Just found a free software that can be useful for writer or editor – StoryLite. You could use this software to increase your productivity. Basically its a software that let you write sticky notes and move them around, and you can zoom and pan the screen so you can put loads of information without loose another information. So basically it’s a mapper for your stories.

Preview of StoryLite in action :

This is one of testimonials from StoryLite user  – Lynn Viehl ( Author of After Midnight)

Excellent demo videos showing the program in action… Installing was a no-brainer and didn’t take long, maybe a minute.

I like this program a lot as an on-screen editing environment. I also think it would perform well as a mind-mapper, a virtual storyboard for plotting, and a simple, first draft-type writing area.

What I really liked was how easy and logical Story Lite is to use from the first time you give it a go. The limited amount of tools and commands on the task bar were a big plus for me; I find I’m more apt to experiment and try using a new program if there aren’t a bazillion menus, icons and options I have to first figure out.

I also think it can be used for many other writing tasks, as you can pretty much tailor it to your individual needs.

I highly recommend giving this freeware a try. I also think it’s worth watching, as the designer is planning to develop it, and has created a community for registered users to provide feedback and exchange ideas.

Visit Lynn Viehl’s blog and Story Lite review >


Actually this tool can be used for another task. You can read it here for full story about another use of StoryLite

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