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Vector freebies that contains  collection of various insects silhouette, they claim that this version is more detailed and smooth. In this collection you’ll find beetle, snail, scorpions, crickets, maggot, larva, caterpillar, moths, wasps, grasshoppers, ants, dragonfly,  butterfly, mosquitoes, spiders and all other types of creepy. Homepage : http://gloomus.com/vector-insects-clipart/ Download free Vector insects clipart from: Rapidshare […]

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Photoshop Custom Shape - Tree Silhouettes

Free Photoshop Custom Shape : Trees Silhouette

As always, Dezignus as one of designer resources on the net provide free Photoshop custom shape. Now they release free “tree silhouette” custom shape. It contains various tree shape that can used for your go green design or on environmental topic . Personally … I really like this resources, just download it and keep it […]

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Free Vector : Music Instrument Pack from TraitDesigns

TraitDesign create a high quality free vector of music instrument silhouettes. It contains 5 vector silhouettes : saxophone, trumpet, drum and violin silhouette. They says it is a high quality vector image, it means no jagged lines or corner. This is the preview : Download “Free Music Instrument Silhouettes Vector” from Trait Design >> And […]

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Free Silhouettes Vector from Sad Monkey Design

Free Vector : Various Silhouettes Vector From SadMonkeyDesign

This free vector create by SadMonkeyDesign and published via Vector4Free. It contains various silhouettes of yoga, karate, kungfu, pencak silat, kids, farmer, ballet, soccer, body building, and also various pose of a lifter. I know tons of silhouettes like these on the internet, and it seems too simple …, but if you can use it […]

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Free Women Shoes Silhouettes in Vector Format

Another really nice vector freebies from Snap2Objects. Now they release a free women shoes silhouettes. Of course this freebies is useful for you a designer who don’t want waste time to redraw women shoes silhouettes when they need. So just download it and keep it on you resource directory on your hard drive. I suggest […]

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Free Vector Transportation Media from Snap2Objects

Free Vector : Transportations Icon Silhouettes From Snap2Objects

Snap2Objects releases a vector freebies again. For now, they releases a free vector silhouettes of transportation media. It contains various silhouettes of transportation media : helicopter, bicylce, ship, minivan car, airplane, trailer truck, car, bus, vespa motorcycle, racing motorcycle, and mini car in silhouette. Files in 3 format : .ai .eps and .svg Preview :

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Free Various Silhouettes at Allsilhouettes.Com

I’ve came across to a useful website – Allsilhouettes.Com. It provides various silhouettes, symbols, shadows and objects for free : heraldic animals silhouettes, insect silhouettes, animal silhouettes, businessman silhouettes, dog silhouettes, cat silhouettes and many more … And it seems still grow … The creator is Stanislav. If you are a designer, this website must […]

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