SightWords.Com : Free Resource to Help Children Learn How to Read

Just stopping by at a useful website for childrens – is a great and new free resource that is designed to help children learn how to read. The site provides a litany of fun and interesting tools to help your child achieve literacy. It is sponsored by the Georgia Preschool Association.

SightWords main features include:

  • A Lessons section provides you with research-validated, classroom-tested methods to introduce your child to new words, to reinforce each lesson you engage in with your child, and to properly correct your child’s mistakes.
  • offers 10 fantastic games that allow your child to reinforce their Sight Words lessons in a fun and engaging way. The games can be customized to whatever level of ability your child is currently reading at, and many users of the site boast of the fun their children have when playing their favorite games, like Sight Words Snakes and Ladders or Sight Words Fishing.
  • The Flash Cards are everyone’s favorite feature of Flash cards are a great way for parents to constantly repeat lessons with their children and visually engage with their kids. The site offers three different sizes of flash cards that are easy to print from your computer screen.

SightWords Games - Snakes & Ladders

SightWords Games – Snakes & Ladders


I highly recommend you check out and spend time utilizing the Sight Word teaching techniques, games, and flash cards. This site is designed for Pre-K to 4th grade learners, and all the material on the site is completely FREE.


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