If you are a webmaster, you need to do backlinks research because backlinks is one of vital factor that you need to make your website reach good position  on Google search result page. And the backlinks  show the real situation: who is paying attention to the page you are interested in. The quantity and quality of backlinks are significant indicators of site popularity.

So in this post I will tell you a brand new Backlinks Research Tool – AHREFS.

With this tool you can do :

  • analyze your own sites backlinks (for free!)
  • analyze any other sites backlinks as a research about your competitor;
  • visually compare several sites
  • get quick summary for any url (limited free access)

So if you are doing link building for your website or you are a SEO Specialist, maybe this tool will be really useful for you to track your link building progress. It has free plan that I think enough for a personal/small business website owner to analyze their website backlinks. For “Free Account” it is limited to 15 request per day, and the result limited to 1000 pages,  1000 backlinks, 10 anchors, 100 domains and  10 subnets.

Another free backlinks research tool is Yahoo Site Explorer , I use it too 🙂 . So AHREFS could be another alternative tool for backlink research 🙂

AHREFS Pricing Plan

*Backlinks is incoming links to a website or page.

AHREFS Features :

Site Explorer

Ahrefs Site Explorer:

  • Statistics of backlinks for given URL, path, domain, domain hierarchy (with subdomains);
  • Total quantity of links found, and also separate counts for no-follow links, links with images, links with text anchor;
  • HTTP status codes (including 301 and 302);
  • Information about frames and forms, from which action leads to domain you interested in;
  • Pages tab with highest-rated pages;
  • Backlinks tab with most important external links;
  • Referring Domains tab with domains giving the most number of links;
  • Referring Subnets tab with class C nets giving the most number of links;
  • Visual representation of links discovery speed

Domain Comparison

Visual side-by-side comparison of up to 10 domains. Comparison will be presented as visual diagram of discovered links to these domains.

Advanced Reports

Very powerful tool for in-depth analysis with the most detailed information SEO master could dream of: This service is getting last makeup before public release and will be available very soon.

Rank button (special free gift for site owners)

Emendable icon with latest popularity rankings. This feature is available for registered users only (registration is free).


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