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Free Various Silhouettes at Allsilhouettes.Com

I’ve came across to a useful website – Allsilhouettes.Com. It provides various silhouettes, symbols, shadows and objects for free : heraldic animals silhouettes, insect silhouettes, animal silhouettes, businessman silhouettes, dog silhouettes, cat silhouettes and many more … And it seems still grow … The creator is Stanislav. If you are a designer, this website must […]

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FREE Baggy Icons from Freebiesdock

As we inform that Freebiesdock will release next freebies – free baggy icons at our post before. Today I’ve a reminder that Free baggy icons has been released. It contains 5 high quality bag icons : suitcase bag, travelling bag, office bag, women back, and backpack bag. This time they released it in 3 different […]

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Maybe it’s too late, but I think someday you need politician illustration : Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John McCain and Ralph Nader , you can download it for free. These political illustrations made by YouWorkForThem, they released it on March 2008 hoho its too late … 🙂 . But, for me … something for resource […]

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FREE Old School Icon Set from Freebiesdock.Com

A new freebies website created by Paul Kradysz – And the first freebies released by Freebiesdock is “Free Oldschool Icon Set”, it contains six old school things icon : Old Phone, Old Radio, Old Camera, Old TV, Old Typewriter and Old Gameboy. All of these icons is free for personal and commercial use. This […]

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Hohoho … So cooool :). I bet you will like this freebies. release free vector icon set named Calabria. It contains 20 icons. The style is stylish, cute, glossy and isometric, using fresh colour. I think it suitable for website that using fresh colour theme. All of these icons are free for personal and […]

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